Ted's Story: Living the dream...sort of

Tonight as I was responding to emails, I found myself talking a little bit about when I worked as a butcher at Gregory's Store in Norwalk, CT while trying to "make it" in the music business.  Those were some of the best times in my life--learning an amazing trade while living and dying for the love of rock and roll!
I wrote the piece below for the Columbia Spectator, my college newspaper, back in 2009 when I was a student.  I thought you might be interested in it because it explains a little more about me and where I came from, and what I did in the days before launching "On the Block," the web's best show about meat and craft butchery!

Quick Notes on the latest episode of "On the Block" - Cuttin' Up a Whole Bird

Hey there!  I hope you enjoyed the latest episode of "On the Block" where I demonstrated my method for cutting up a whole chicken.  For today's Quick Notes, I figured if you're going to take the time to cut up a beautiful bird, you might as well cook it in the most delicious way possible--fry it!
The recipe below comes from Food & Wine , and I feel like it captures traditional southern-style fried chicken nicely .  The key here is that the recipe recommends frying in a cast-iron skillet, which is the quintessential method for that real, down-home flavor. 

The Butcher's Role: Providing Great Meat to Great People

According to this Consumerist article, "FDA scientists looked at 30 different penicillin and tetracycline antibiotic feed additives that had previously been approved for 'nontherapeutic use,' meaning they were generally being used to encourage muscle growth in animals," and determined they could pose a "high risk" to humans, if they made it into the food supply.
What troubles me most is that the FDA did nothing to stop the use of these potentially harmful drugs. 

Quick Notes on the latest episode of "On the Block" - Boneless & Stuffed Pork Chops

Hello All!  Before I get into the Quick Notes on the lates episode of "On the Block,"  I just want to say THANK YOU for checking out this page, for following on Facebook and Twitter, and for all the great feedback!  You guys are really making this worthwhile, and I hope you're having as much fun as I am!
I found the awesome recipe below for Pan-Fried Pork Chops on MMMM Paleo, a great blog about the Paleo lifestyle and healthy primal eating.  The great part about these is they are quick and easy to make--no muss, no fuss as they say...

Quick Notes on the latest episode of "On the Block" - Butterflied & Pounded Boneless Loin Roasts

Before I get into the Quick Notes for the latest episode of "On the Block" where we're talking about Butterflied & Boneless pork loin rosts, I'd like to say that I am totally stoked tonight!  Why, you ask?  Because I got a great "shout out" from master chef Mario Batali on Twitter today.  Check it out:



Quick Notes on the latest episode of "On the Block" - Boneless Pork Loin Roast & Stuffed Loin Roast

Hello my fellow carnivores!  On the latest episode of "On the Block," I demonstrate the Ted the Butcher method of cutting a beautiful pork roast from a whole pork loin.  I also show you had to add a pocket for stuffing, which is a fantastic technique to have in your home butchery tool kit.
I found this great recipe for a Paleo-friendly Apple-Bacon-Spinach stuffed pork loin roast that is sure to delight my Paleo and non-Paleo friends alike!  The recipe is from a site called What Would John Mack Eat?, a great site about food, fitness, and Paleo living. 
In this recipe, John suggests you butterfly the pork loin in order to prepare it for stuffing, which I show you how to do in my video.