100% Grass Fed Beef Sale: Price List!

Hello All!  Here is the price list for my 100% grass fed, grass finished beef from Berry Hill Farm in Deansboro, NY.  This beef was raised humanely with no hormones or antibitotics, and it was processed in a USDA approved facility in upstate New York.

The price list below is for individual cuts (steaks, roasts, and grind) for custom orders.  All prices are "per pound," so steaks will be cut as close to 1 lb. as possible unless otherwise instructed.  For roasts, please specify the number pf pounds or number of people eating so that i can cut it to the appropriate size to feed your guests.

To order:

- View the price list below

- Send me an email with the name of the item and the desired number of steaks/roasts/grind.  Example: if you want two pounds of ground chuck, please write "Ground Chuck - 80% Lean: 2 lbs." in your email.  Email the completed list to me: ted@tedthebutcher.com

- PLEASE specify whether you want your items FRESH or FROZEN!  Kindly note that fresh items must be picked up in CT no later than Sunday, August 24th.  All items for shipping must be shipped frozen.

- I will reply to your email with a total price, payment instructions, and pickup/shipping information


Please let me know if you have any questions!  I can email the price list to you upon request as well, just shoot me an email and let me know!