100% Grass Fed Beef Sale: Price List!

Hello All!  Here is the price list for my 100% grass fed, grass finished beef from Berry Hill Farm in Deansboro, NY.  This beef was raised humanely with no hormones or antibitotics, and it was processed in a USDA approved facility in upstate New York.

The price list below is for individual cuts (steaks, roasts, and grind) for custom orders.  All prices are "per pound," so steaks will be cut as close to 1 lb. as possible unless otherwise instructed.  For roasts, please specify the number pf pounds or number of people eating so that i can cut it to the appropriate size to feed your guests.

To order:

- View the price list below

Special Guest Series with Nutritionist Adrienne Hew: Dances with Meat, Part I

Hello everyone!  I am pleased to announce a special guest series here at Ted the Butcher, featuring the accomplished nutritionist and author Adrienne Hew!
Adrienne and I have been discussing the ways in which meat and animal fat are essential components of a healthy diet, and after some conversation, Adrienne agreed to do a special guest series for us on the subject.  Among other things, our discussions made a couple of things abundantly clear: if you want to lay down a strong foundation for your nutrition, it helps to know a good butcher who provides healthy, pasture-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free meat.  It also helps to know a great nutritionist like Adrienne to talk over ideas and figure out how to make the best diet and lifestyle choices for you!

Quick Notes on the latest episode of "On the Block" - Using Your Bottom Round Trimmings for Stew

Hello everyone!  I hope all is well and that you are KEEPING IT MEATY!
For today's Quick Notes, I wanted to share an awesome recipe for beef stew that I found on the web's best Paleo food blog, Nom Nom Paleo.  Michelle's blog is awesome, and it's a fantastic resource for tasty, meat-friendly recipes, whether you follow a paleo diet or not!
For the recipe below, Michelle used a boneless chuck roast that she cut into cubes.  This works well, but you can also use boneless pieces of bottom round, cut as I demonstrated in the latest episode of "On the Block."  The chuck generally has more fat (which adds great flavor to the stew), but the bottom round holds up nicely to the low heat, long, slow cooking method used when stewing.  Whether you use chuck or bottom, I guarantee a great stew with either one of these cuts!

Quick Notes on the latest episode of "On the Block" - Bottom Round Steak & Cubed Steaks

Hey All!  Here is the latest Quick Notes on the new episode of "On the Block"!
This is an awesome recipe for a BBQ Beef Skillet with Cornbread from my friends at the Washington State Beef Commission.  I should point out that if you ever need a great beef recipe, the state councils offer an extensive selection of free recipes on their sites.  These are tremendous resources for the home chef, and they offer a great way to explore different cuts of beef.  This will help you bring some variety to your meals, as well as helping to support the hardworking farmers that are raising our meat.  Sounds like a win-win to me!

Quick Notes on the latest episode of "On the Block" - Bottom Round Pot Roast

Hey Everyone!  It's a cold and rainy day here in Connecticut, which has me craving some hot n' tasty comfort food.  On a raw, chilly New England day like this, there is nothing like a tender, juicy pot roast to fill your stomach and warm your heart! 
For today's Quick Notes, I found this awesome pot roast recipe on the Tennessee Beef Council's website.  They call it the "After-Work Beef Pot Roast Dinner" because it's super easy and convenient--simply place your ingredients in a slow cooker before you leave for work in the morning, and by the time you come home, dinner is ready!